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Welcome to the LOVECH HOTEL!
        The Lovech hotel is situated in the centre of the town of Lovech in an immidiate proximity to the unique in our country Covered Bridge, which connects the ancient and the modern part of the town. The building of the hotel with its beautiful amphitheatric frames is easily distinguishable and emblematic for the town.
        The location of the complex affords an opportunity to have two magnificent views - on one side to the Ossam River and the old quarter Varosha, which strongly appeals visitors with its archtectural - historical sights and on the other side the restored in its Baroque style houses in the central part of the town.

        The hotel is three - stars category. The guests can have at their disposal:

* single rooms, double rooms and suites
* restaurant
* lobby bar
* cocktail bar
* conference hall
* casino
* two open-air swimming pools
* office of First Investment bank
HOTEL LOVECH, 12 Targovska Str., Lovech town, BULGARIA, tel. +359 68 604 717